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You would like to become a new member of the BugCoder Records family and want to join us with your music?

Sorry, but we cannot accept any demos at the moment. For all other questions please use the formular on our contactpage.

Of course this might be possible.. If everything suits to our expectations, we would like to offer you:

A professional mastering of your tracks

A professional cover for the release, influenced by your ideas

You can decide with us about the nature of the release ( EP, Remix EP, VA EP, Album, … )

You get your profile on our website and full support by us

Your rights are saved by a professional contract

You are a part of the family and we are interested in a long-term collaboration

Please read carefully the following lines to find out, how to send us your demo material:

    • Convenient style?

      Please find out, if your music matches to what we are doing. We are only accepting music, which is located somewhere between
      Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Dub Techno and Techno.
      BugCoder Records stands for detailed and passionated music. We are interested in your own outstanding sound.
    • Who are you?

      Please write us some words about you and your music. Who are you? For how long and how you produce music (hard-/software)? What are your expectations in publishing a track/an EP on BugCoder Records? Do you have any ideas, how the final release should look like?
    • Final version?

      Please make sure, that you send us links of full tracks. We do not accept any previews or “work in progress” tunes.
    • Legal material?

      Please ensure, that you offer only material you are allowed to offer. We do not accept any songs, with “illegal” material, which is saved by 3rd persons copyrights.
    • Own material?

      We also do not accept songs, which are completely made of pre-assembled loops, no matter if they are royalty-free or not. The use of legal samples is accepted, as long they are used for the drumset or background sounds.
    • Prepared for mastering?

      Please save your project files and be prepared to be asked about uncompressed mixdowns.
    • How to send?

      If you agree with point 1 to 6, please upload your track(s) on a fileserver/cloud and just send us the (soundcloud) link with your “application”.
      Please use the formular below on this page.
    • Be Patient!

      If the music suits to what we are looking for, we will definetly contact you. As we are receiving a lot of demo material we cannot guarantee an answer. If you don’t receive an answer some weeks after your message, please be prepared, that we finally are not interested.

Stay Tuned! Your BugCoder Records-Team

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