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Bugchasing 2 – Remix Contest

Bugchasing 2 – Remix Contest

This is the official remix contest of Bugchasing 2 …

This is the official remix contest of Bugchasing 2 by BugCoder Records. After a succesfull release of our annual summer compilation, we now decided for an extra remix release: Bugchasing 2 remixes, which will be out in late 2014 on BugCoder Records. This means: Several BugCoder artist are showing their interpretations of different tunes of Bugchasing 2.

Now you have the chance to be on that remix release together with artists as Mütze.Glatze, Chris Wayfarer, Cueless, Dave Greenhouse, Class-A Deviants and much more. Therefore we are providing 3 tunes to be remixed:

Chris Wayfarer – Carnival

Doepp – Ramp

Fabian Fassbender – Nachtrabanten

You now can participate in that contest and this is how it works:

  1. 1. Download the remix packages
  2. 2. Create your own interpretation. Be as creative as possible. Every style between Deep House, Tech House, Minimal & Techno is accepted. Style has to be convenient for BugCoder Records. But most important:
    Have much fun!
  3. 3. Name your track as: Chris Wayfarer – Carnival (“your artist name” Remix for BugCoder Records) or Doepp – Ramp (“your artist name” Remix for BugCoder Records) or Fabian Fassbender – Nachtrabanten (“your artist name” Remix for BugCoder Records)
  4. 4. Finally add it to our remix SoundCloud groupas a public file with downloads disabled.
  5. 5. Please note that we do not accept previews or snippets.
  6. 6. Save your project files. You might be asked about uncompressed mixdowns!
  7. 7. Wait for the decission.

Deadline: 1th–October–2014

While waiting for the decission, please don’t forget to give us a like to not miss the announcement on our Facebook Site

We will release the best remix of each track (selected by a jury) on BugChasing 2 remixes offering the remixer a professional mastering and a share of 50% of the net sales guaranteed by a professional sales agreement.

We will announce the winners on our Facebook Site and here.

Wish you much fun and good luck!

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