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The Chief Bug

chief bug kodiac

Alex Doerrer (Kodiac)
Home: Zwickau ( Germany )
Job: label operator, publicity, correspondence

“Hi, I’m Kodiac and I am the Chief Bug of BugCoder Records.

There are several tasks I have to care for as a label operator:

I’m scheduling all releases and am responsible for the development and the execution of remix contests. Furthermore all public and internal communication as well as several promotion activities are arranged by me.

My main interest is the sustainable development of BugCoder Records with the aim to become a strong and healthy music label.”

The Audio Bug

audio bug philipp

Philipp Uhrwerk
Home: Zwickau ( Germany )
Job: audio engineering, mastering, DJ

“Hi, I am Philipp Uhrwerk and I am the Audio Mastering Bug and DJ of BugCoder Records.

My most important task is the function as the mastering operator: All tracks to be released on BugCoder Records are passed to me and I’m editing all audio material at my studio to guarantee a constant high-quality sound.

Aditionally, I’m supporting the Chief Bug in several administrative functions.”

The Graphic Bug

graphic bug gh:0st

Alex (gh:0st)
Home: Zwickau ( Germany )
Job: graphics, covers, webmaster

“Hi, my name is Alex and I’m the Graphic Bug of BugCoder Records.

Since 2006 I’m dealing intensively with photography, image editing and digital composing. In autumn 2012, I joined to the BugCoder crew.

I’m responsible for all graphical issues such as covers (BCR007 and following), logos and our website.

My main interest is connecting an ambitious design to the sound of BugCoder Records.”

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