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Home: Bordeaux ( France )
Style: Techno

HRN music can be characterized as a blend between techno and electronica.

The french producer is influenced by artists as Max Cooper, Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Ryan Davis, Applescal, Dominik Eulberg, Traumer, Nathan Fake, James Holden and many more.

His first tracks were released a few years ago under the pseudomye HEROINE. His first and second releases, “The Leap” and “Fyze” were released in 2011 and 2012 on Bandcamp.

His third EP, was the first one realized under the name HRN and was released by Van Did owned label Grrreat Recordings, based in Montréal.

“Black Cloud” is the name of the new stroke, released on BugCoder Records. HRN composed this EP together with his friend Inopinel and the 2 original tracks are darker and more complex than his previous releases.


[BCR014] HRN & Inopinel – Alternatives EP

Single tracks on:

[BCR032] HRN – Insular

[BCR022] HRN – Pariahs and Ja

Remixes on:

[BCR020] Muetze.Glatze – Traumtaenzer (HRN Remix)

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