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Dick Bender (Germany)

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Dick Bender
Home: Datteln ( Germany )
Style: Tech House, Techno

Dick Bender made his first musical experiences in his childhood, after his parents donated him a keyboard. In his schooldays his musical taste switched to Rock and Heavy Metal but at the age of 16 he visited berlin Love Parade for the fist time and fell in love with electronic underground music.

Because of this love, Dick Bender bought a 2-channel mixer and soon had his first gigs in the Ruhr Area at the age of 18.

3 years later, he had his first contact with a sequencer and soon switched from Reason to Cubase SX. Since that time, Dick is producing tracks, which are mostly used for his own sets, but from time to time, he also released some remixes.

Remixes on:

[BCR022] Class-A Deviants – Balm (Dick Bender Remix)

[BCR010] Philipp Uhrwerk – Fearplay (Dick Bender Remix)

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