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Peter Groskreutz (Germany)

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Peter Groskreutz
Home: Kiel ( Germany )
Style: Techno, Tech House

Peter Groskreutz, Techno producer from Kiel (Germany) is working with Eminor records, Bugcoder records, Login records.

After the tune “Dark Again”, launched on BugCoders annual compilation Bugchasing 2, Peter Groskreutz hosted BCR024 – Schublehre.


[BCR024] Peter Groskreutz – Schublehre

Single tracks on:

[BCR041] Peter Groskreutz – Weltenwandler

[BCR032] Peter Groskreutz – Bugs

[BCR022] Peter Groskreutz – Dark Again

Remix on:

[BCR030] Muetze.Glatze – Kupferstecher (Peter Groskreutz Remix)

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