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Fugue (France)

Artist – Fugue

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Home: Paris ( France )
Style: Minimal House

Jérémy Nicolas aka Fugue grew up while listening pop and classical music. He has beeen playing percussions for 4 years and this finally brought him to electronic music. Fugue started elctronic music production at the age of 16 and never stopped.

Jérémy is really attached to the rhythm so he tries to wait the necessary time to let emerge something coherent. Today he increasingly finds his influences in romanian artists, little suprise, because he has german, argentine and french origins.

Since one year Fugue likes to work with audio form and word music that he is recording: percussions, city sounds, tuvan, inuit throaths and more. Fugue is studdying musicology at the university, so he is also listening to Glass, Bartok, Ligeti, Prokofiev, Satie, Mahler, Schubert, Chopin & Beethoven.


[BCR008] Fugue – Clarkia Pulchella

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[BCR009] Fugue – Notes From Underground

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