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Fre Dee (Norway)

Artist – Fre Dee

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Fre Dee
Home: Oslo ( Norway )
Style: Minimal, Tech House

As a child, Frederik did his first experiences in electronic music with various software suitable for beginners. Later he gave a shot to more complex programs and he began to record some samples.

Besides electronic music like House and Minimal, Frederik is also interested in Soul und Indie music. He tries to influence his music with several styles by sampling real instruments like bass guitars and panflutes.

Additionally, he produces some Hip-Hop beats, Dub and Chillout/Lounge music. As a musician, Free Dee always tries to be flexible and he is bored by subordinating to just one style. His productions should be dark and mysterious but they should offer a good and friendly mood equally.

Single Tracks on:

[BCR002] Fre Dee – Phobia

[BCR009] Fre Dee – Gray Magic

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