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Branko Kostic (Serbia)

Artist – Branko Kostic

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Branko Kostic
Home: Vojvodina ( Serbia )
Style: Tech House

Since the mid-nineties Branko has been taking diverse paths in a world of electronic music. This journey has ultimately led him to House Music, which has become his personal preference as well as the most appropriate tool for personal expression.

Inspired by the enthusiasm, which his friend have shown towards his private music sessions and home parties, he decided to give it a try as a DJ, what he has been doing for last 5-6 years.

Recently he’s been introduced with “Ableton” software, which made him fall in love with it so deeply, that the plans for his future career have changed in the direction of music production. With a lot of positive energy and optimism, Branko is keen to bring fresh new sounds to the world of House Music.

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[BCR009] Branko Kostic – November

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