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Boris der Koch (Germany)

Artist – Boris der Koch

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Boris der Koch Emiliano Nenzo
Home: Berlin ( Germany )
Style: Techno, Tech House

Emiliano Nenzo a.k.a Boris Der Koch (Boris The Cook) was born in 1985 in Hessen, a beautiful and rural part of Germany. At the age of 23 he moved to Berlin where he is living now.

When he was about 13, he has stolen a Sven Väth Mixtape from his older brother, and after a few minutes listening he was infected by the sound.

In 2005 he started to record his own music. Since 2009 he is especially interested in creating techno beats. Emiliano always trys to improve his technique to satisfy his own beliefs of perfect sound.

Remixes on:

[BCR006] Cubic State – Non Stop (Boris der Koch remix)

[BCR014] HRN & Inopinel – Alternatives (Emiliano Nenzo remix)

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