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Alex Mulmig (Spain)

Artist – Alex Mulmig

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Alex Mulmig
Home: Barcelona ( Spain )
Style: Tech House, Deep House

Born on the Mediterranean shore, Alex Mulmig has spent most of his life surrounded by people from the electronic scene and, thanks to their influence, he decided to get involved not only as a DJ for events and festivals but also as a producer.

In the past few years he has spent most of his time learning from the best and self-teaching, composing music independently. His compositions are based on electronic touches, minimal and variations of tech house with a strong influence from Detroit Techno.

Alex’s music is a mix of all of these styles and it shows his dark and at the same time melodic side, creating a personal style that shows strength but also a lot of feeling.

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[BCR009] Alex Mulmig – Jakaranda

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