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Philipp Uhrwerk (Germany)

Artist – Philipp Uhrwerk

More about our artist and crew member Philipp Uhrwerk …

Philipp Uhrwerk
Home: Zwickau ( Germany )
Style: Techno, Tech House, IDM

His first sound was in 1990 – a scream. His mother and the rest of the delivery room didn’t care about rhythm and tune fortunately.

Raised in the nineties Philipp was exposed to Eurodance and other terrible influences, but the Loveparade Compilation of 2002 was running in his CD-Player over and over.

The adolescence was affected by Punkrock and Rap. After that phase electronic music became more and more important for him. In 2012 his first Fearplay EP was released on BugCoder Records and he became one of the heads of our label.

Philipp is our audio master bug


[BCR016] Philipp Uhrwerk – All Your Idols Do Cocaine

[BCR005] Philipp Uhrwerk – Fearplay EP

Single tracks on:

[BCR041] Philipp Uhrwerk – Rorschach

[BCR032] Philipp Uhrwerk – Die Fluechtigkeit Der Gase

[BCR022] Philipp Uhrwerk – Nevertheless

[BCR012] Philipp Uhrwerk – Pumpernickel

[BCR009] Philipp Uhrwerk – Das Suesse Scheitern

Remixes on:

[BCR010] Philipp Uhrwerk – Fearplay (Philipp Uhrwerk Remix)

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