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Fabian Fassbender (Germany)

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Fabian Fassbender
Home: Berlin / Dresden
Style: Melodic Tech House

Summarized to a message of his feelings and lived moments, Fabian Fassbender sees his music as a connection from inside to outside.

His soul, dreamy pure, almost innocent and without judgment, sprays symphonic fantasies in pure melodies. His courage to be – his personality underpinning, cemented the involuntary brilliance of authenticity and sealed coloured sound structures.

He hears life, going through to the smallest detail to unclouded sound crystals.

Single tracks on:

[BCR032] Fabian Fassbender – Felicidad

[BCR022] Fabian Fassbender – Nachtrabanten

[BCR002] abianfa.de – Perfeccion

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